About Us

We’re a small group of enthusiastic young professionals from different backgrounds that share a love for link-building, content creation, and marketing.

Brought together by the founder of Batlinks, Gert, we play to our greatest strength as a team… our diversity!
The Bat team (yeah, we’re going with it) works remotely from different locations – Estonia, Turkey, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Being in different time zones means that our projects have more flow than a ’70s Abba song. Seriously though, we get things done. Rather than the normal 9-5, we have the ability (more like a superpower) to pick up the work where other team members have left off.

That means that half of us get to sip margaritas while others hit the laptop keys.
More than that, we often look at the same project from different angles, influenced by our culture and individuality. This helps us create unique and highly effective projects that benefit our clients.

Behind the Name

Bats are truly unique. They’re the only mammals capable of sustained flight and have left people with more questions than answers for centuries. But they’re also very hard to spot as they’re nocturnal.

Link building can be equally as baffling and good links hard to find. But we believe in the quality of our white hat link-building strategies and work tirelessly at improving our customer’s SERP ranking.

Our Main Goal

… is to help our customers get more organic traffic by ranking higher on Google. We achieve this through building high-quality backlinks to their site.

We Do This By

… offering quality link-building services at affordable prices. We aim to bring the cost of building links down to a level where it’s more efficient for you to hire us instead of building links by yourself.

"We build links that move the needle"

The Bat team

Take a closer look at our group of awesome individuals and what they bring to the Batlinks Team


Founder - Head of Strategy

‘If you love what you do, it won’t be work for you’

My core responsibility is to look after the results that we get for our customers and the smooth flow of operations. My goal is to ensure that our clients get a high ROI from our services.


Content Manager - Affilliate Websites

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’

My responsibilities include ensuring that the content we produce is smooth and top-quality. I also edit and optimize web articles.


Seo Content Writer

'Honor this day with love and kindness'

I write SEO content for our customers that help improve their ranking on Google. I also assist with rank analysis, affiliate outreach campaigns, and link-building asset creation.


Link Building - Writer

'This too shall pass, it might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass'

I individualize our outreach campaigns for each of our customers. I also manage outreach campaigns and assist with content creation and link placements.


Editor - Writer

'Do what makes you happy'

My responsibility is to make sure that the content we produce is high quality and reaches the standards we set for ourselves. I also assist with SEO page optimization and write high ranking web articles for our customers


Content Writer

"Success is a journey so be patient with yourself."

I write SEO content for our customers that help improve their ranking on Google.


SEO Strategist

"Do it well or don't do it at all."

I map out a strategy for all of our clients to make sure we get them the results they are after and then some.


Link Builder

"Everything happens for a reason."

I specialise in building links from some of the highest authority publications out there.


Virtual Assistant - Link Relevancy

'Be yourself, but always your better self'

My core responsibility is to assist the team with initial investigative work for projects. I determine the relevancy of websites and potential affiliates and set the stage for projects to follow.



“Everything you can imagine is real”

I specialize in building links from high-authority websites and real businesses. I also assist in editing and optimizing web content.