Catering SEO Services

We help catering businesses get a consistent inflow of profitable clients from Google by performing professional search engine optimization (SEO) services. 

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Do you want more high profit catering jobs, like

weddings and corporate events?

And would you like more client inquiries..

so that you can freely choose the jobs you take on because there’s much more demand for your services?

Why invest into SEO?

How Do We Get Results?

This is what we do, in specific, to get your business to the top of Google

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#1 Keyword Research

We find the keywords that your potential customers are using to find catering businesses in your area.

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#2 Full Website SEO-Optimisation

We optimise your existing pages to rank for the found keywords and we create missing pages. We will also fix all other errors that we find that are currently holding you back.

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#3 Maps Rankings Optimisation

Ranking in the map search is super important for a catering business. We utilise all best-practices to get you ranked at the top in your city.

#4 Building Backlinks

We build backlinks or references from other, relevant websites to your website. This is the most difficult, but also the most impactful SEO activity one can do.

Why Us

Catering Niche specialisation

We've decided to work in this particular niche to become the absolute best at doing SEO for catering companies.

We choose who we work with

We will only work with you, if we are highly confident in getting you a high return on your investment into our services.

Results oriented

Our #1 goal is to get you more profitable catering clients. Growing your sales is our most important KPI.

Highly Transparent

You get to see behind the curtains of everything that we do to get you results.

Our Management Team

We have a total of over 20 people on our team. But your main points of contact are below.


Alwyn manages our link building department. He makes sure that we are building high quality backlinks that will help our clients' websites rank on the top of Google.


Michelle manages the content marketing department. She makes sure that we are producing service pages and blog articles that help our clients win new business.


Gert manages our client relations. He keeps our clients informed and also makes sure that both the team's and our clients' goals are always aligned.

Client Testimonials

Amazing SEO Experts with a comprehensive strategy to build our search engine rankings

These guys know their stuff and helped us build our brand with some great offsite SEO strategies. We saw our domain reputation improve, backlinks grow, and top search results start to come in. I recommend Gert and his team to anyone looking to build the reputation of their brand and site.
Great work and trustworthy!

Gert has been doing a great job for us building good quality back links for our website. Not only that, he shares valuable knowledge on SEO with me throughout the process and we are now seeing excellent results because of him. I would definitely recommend his services!
10/10 - The only resource I need for SEO

The team at Batlinks strategised and executed on our SEO efforts. I feel that their entire team is an extension of our team and they are all driven to help us achieve our goals. Very knowledgeable and friendly, I am continuing to work with them.

Should You Even Invest Into SEO?

We only want to work with companies where we think we can get you at least a 10-1 return on your SEO investment and make you think
Oh gosh, why didn’t I do this 5 years ago?“.

If not, we don’t want to waste your time and we will politely decline the potential collaboration.

For us to know that, we’d like you to answer the following questions.