The 8 Best Guest Post Services

Building white hat links that actually make a difference to site authority is difficult. 

But Guest posting has been a legit strategy for link-building companies for as long as I can remember – And it works.

You write awesome content for another website and include a link back to your page. It’s a win-win situation. The target website gets free content and you score a backlink.

Trust me that sounds a lot easier than it actually is.

A lot of time and effort goes into crafting the perfect guest post that will add value to both parties.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this yourself.

There are many guest posting services out there that would gladly do it on your behalf.

But what makes one guest posting service better than the other? 

We believe it has to do with the return on investment. You need to know that the money you spend on a marketing campaign will deliver the results you need. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Will this company put in the effort to analyze the websites they’re building links from?
  • Will I see a difference in my website rankings, not just short-term but for months and years to come?
  • Will I see an improvement in web traffic directly stemming from the guest post outreach campaign?

Stick around and discover how the following 8 Guest posting services answer those important questions.

1. Batlinks

We have unashamedly placed ourselves at the top of the list.

Hey, if we don’t believe in ourselves, why should you?

Batlinks is an up-and-coming link-building service based in Estonia, and we pride ourselves on delivering tangible results and a clear ROI on behalf of our clients.

Why did we make it onto our list?

What sets Batlinks apart is the effort we put in to build links from sites that have relevant traffic to your niche, as well as the quality of these links.

Generally speaking, most guest post services will have 1000 organic traffic as a standard requirement of the target sites they reach out to.

Batlinks goes a step further. 

  • We have a minimum requirement of 1000 organic traffic and a $1000 organic traffic value for each target site we reach out to for guest posts. It might seem a simple addition, but it provides a significant difference in quality that most other guest post providers don’t want or know to offer. What the traffic value filter adds is that it weeds out the sites that only generate traffic for irrelevant and spammy keywords. By adding traffic value, we significantly increase the quality of the sites we reach out to and build backlinks from. 
  • Aside from that, our outreach campaigns are done manually. A real person double-checks everything and each prospect is contacted with a personalized message, ensuring a higher hit rate.
  • The articles we provide undergo an arduous quality check. They add real value to the website they’re posted on and keep everyone involved happy.
  • Batlinks has a very hands-on approach to the entire outreach campaign. We communicate back and forth with relevant publishers and even go as far as haggling on publishing fees if need be.

How much will it cost me?

A Guest post will cost between $190-390 per month, depending on the site’s DR rating, with a 100% money-back guarantee after the first month if you’re not happy with the results. 

Note that the cost isn’t per link. Unlike other guest posting services, Batlinks has no cap on the number of links they’ll build for the agreed-upon price.

This means that the average cost per link is often much lower than that of their competitors.

This price includes the entire process of prospecting for the best guest posting opportunities, writing relevant articles, the outreach campaign, negotiating links, and continuous follow-ups to ensure articles get placed on websites.

You get a list of sites to approve and we do the rest. However, if the webmaster asks for money, we first ensure that the site is worth paying for and then do our best to negotiate the price down as much as possible. You would then need to make the payments or those links by yourself. 

See our Service page for a detailed review of our Guest Posting service.

2. Authority Builders Co

Registered in Singapore, this consulting agency sells guest posts on high-authority websites with good metrics and traffic stats in various niches.

Why did they make it onto our list?

ABC offers various packages that cater to the needs of its customers. We like that you can choose the quality of the prospective links according to your budget. Not every website or business has the cash to go after the most valuable links.

They’re also very selective when identifying guest post partner websites. Their baseline requirement for guest post prospects is a $1000 organic traffic value.

They have a good database of websites they’ve already listed in various niches that should make the process hassle-free and help obtain quick results.

How much will it cost me?

Pricing varies based on niche, organic traffic, and domain authority, but expect to pay northwards of $80 per link.

If you were to target sites with a DR of around 30 and require a guest post of about 1000 words, you could expect to pay $220 per link.

3. No-BS Marketplace

NO-BS Marketplace is an SEO platform that works with over 10,000 verified publishers to acquire guest posts for their clients. 

Why did they make it onto our list?

They have a 100% money-back guarantee that reassures clients of a return on investment. They also promise real websites, meaning that each link placed with them will earn you organic traffic.

Working with them is also hassle-free. They have 6 years of outreach experience and built relationships with website owners and editors in various niches. There’s no need for the client to negotiate at all.

Simply approving anchor text and link placements without getting too involved with the nitty gritty is very appealing to new website owners.

But most of all, they promise to deliver fully transparent, contextual links. This means that your links will land up in articles you’ve approved beforehand that are relevant to your niche.

How much will it cost me?

A DA30 link on a website with an organic traffic value of $1000 will cost you around $180 per link.

That figure climbs to around $220 per link for placement on a website of DA40 with an organic traffic value of $2000.

4. Outreach Labs

Outreach Labs is a link-building agency that specializes in organic link building and high-quality guest posting services. They focus on delivering honest and efficient services in various niches for both B2B and B2C clients.

Why did they make it onto our list?

Their guest posting service is notable for its six-step method, ensuring quality content and strategic placements. 

They handle all aspects from prospecting to content creation, emphasizing personalized pitches and fresh approaches. This service is designed to be hassle-free and aims for long-term SEO benefits.

Digging into the details reveals even more nuanced benefits like guaranteeing links for up to a year and making sure every piece of content passes AI checks.

Outreach Labs’ guest posting service stands out for its adaptability to specific client needs, including both monthly custom outreach and individual link orders. Their approach is praised for its transparency and efficiency, making them a reliable choice in the industry.

How much will it cost me?

Their pricing varies based on the number of links and the authority of these links, with packages ranging from $1,499 for 7 links/month to $6,999 for 32 links/month if you opt for their custom outreach or their a la carte options start at $200 per link.

See their service page for a detailed overview of their guest posting service.

5. Link Builder

Link builder has seen considerable growth since it launched in 2016. To date, they have built over 20,000 links for more than 350 different companies.

They have an international team of link builders and content writers that craft link-building services catered to their client’s needs.

Needless to say, they have become one of the best link-building companies offering guest posting services.

Why did they make it onto our list?

They have an excellent, dynamic team of specialists that deliver high-quality links time and again. 

They have a proven track record that speaks for itself… 20,000 links built in 6 years? That’s an average of 277 links created per month. 

The trick with guest blogging is that the content needs to be written to a very high standard, often higher than expected by the target website. Link builder seems to deliver just this.

Another bonus with link builders is that they guarantee links stay up for at least 90 days. With a money-back guarantee if any of their links are removed within that initial three-month period.

How much will it cost me?

Hold on to your mousepad.  While link builder offers high-quality links, they come at a price.

Their start-up package promises around 8 links per month at $2,999. 

Given that this amount includes really high-quality links that will add value to your website.

6. Bibi Buzz

Bibi is a link builder that offers a content marketing strategy to her clients, no matter how big or small the job.

Why did they make it onto our list?

Bibi offers a personal touch to the link-building process, whether that includes manual link-building campaigns or guest blogging services.

And that’s a big thing. We live in a world where way too much is automated, and a personal touch is often just what is needed. 

Bibi’s approach is to first learn about your business and create an outreach campaign to build continuous working relationships rather than once-off links that don’t bring lasting value.

Her process includes competitor analysis, content audit, content ideation, and all aspects of the outreach program.

One of the most valuable parts of Bibi’s approach is that she doesn’t contact a prospective website with unnecessary flattery. Instead, she offers a collaboration or simply asks for a guest posting opportunity from the very start.

It’s this natural way of operating that makes her very successful.

How much will it cost me?

Expect to pay $6000 for 10 links, which average about $600 per link. 

This fee does not include link placement fees asked by web admins or content creation, although these services are available at an extra cost.

7. Links That Rank

Links that rank offer link-building services to both website owners and agencies.

Why did they make it onto our list?

They have a strict quality control process that ensures they only reach out to the best websites when building connections. 

How strict exactly? 23-point checklist strict.

This includes checking that each link placement contains internal links, external links, images, unique, high-quality content, and various technical checks.

They also have a rather unique feature in that they filter out the weed from the wheat by unchecking blacklisted sites known as link farms, or in this case, guest post farms. These links might hurt your website in the long run and decrease your SERP ranking.

Although various other sites match the quality of their links, this quality control process makes LinksThatRank an excellent guest post outreach service worth considering.

How much will it cost me?

Their pricing structure is based on the quality of links they can acquire. 

A link from a website of DR 20 – 34 would cost $177 per link. That figure rises to $247 per link for DR 35 – 49 and $327 for a link to a website of DR 50 – 80.

8. Outreach Mamma

Last but not least on our list of the best guest posting services is OutreachMama.

Why did they make it onto our list?

OutreachMama offers an all-encompassing guest post service that includes identifying a target page, finding the right blogs for guest posts, ideation and pitching, content creation, and finally, publishing and reporting.

This means they take over all aspects of a guest posting campaign, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

We’re impressed with their “link uptime” guarantee. With this, you can be sure that each link placement will be up for at least one year, giving your site ample time to see the positive effects of each blog post placed on various websites.

How much will it cost me?

OutreachMama’s custom blogger outreach service will cost anywhere from $850 to $1775 per month

For those not interested in a monthly fee, OutreachMama also offers a per-link pricing guide.

Expect to pay anywhere between $120 and $280 per link, depending on the link authority.


Yeah, we’ve assigned ourselves the number one spot on our list of best guest posting services. And we are the first to admit that that’s a cheeky move.

But we honestly believe that we deserve that number one spot. Here’s why…

First and foremost, We back our process

Over the years, we’ve successfully formulated guest post outreach campaigns that work. Through these tried and tested link-building strategies, we’ve formed lasting business relationships with various websites that improve our clients’ rankings.

Secondly, We back our team.

We have a group of enthusiastic individuals specializing in all the major link-building services, from broken link building and insertions to guest posting and Haro. 

Our link builders care for all facets of our outreach campaigns, from the early stages of keyword research right down to the last steps of link negotiations.

Our writing and editorial teams ensure that all blog posts and web articles are written to the highest standards and add real value.

And lastly, Our results back us. 

We’ve helped various companies in the SaaS and E-commerce niche achieve a huge upsurge in organic traffic.

No, we’re not the biggest or most well-known guest posting service. But it’s not the size of the company that matters; it’s the quality of the work that makes a difference in search engine rankings. 

So if you’re interested in finding out how Batlinks can help your website grow and achieve the SERP rankings it deserves, get in touch with the Batlinks team today.