The Best Link Building Courses

Link building is considered a bit of an art in the SEO community.

It takes the perfect combination of 1. Knowing what strategies work, 2. Implementing them properly, and 3. Reaching out to the right people.

And so, we have come up with a list of 5 link-building courses that can help you get it right. 

The list is a mix of courses for complete beginners looking to increase their skills, business owners looking to build their own SEO plan, and freelancers /marketers looking to grow their agencies.

  1. Udemy: The Complete Link Building Course: Best for beginners/business owners
  2. Ahrefs Complete Advanced Link Building Course: Best for those with some SEO know-how/business owners
  3. The Blueprint Training: SEO Sprints: Best for agencies
  4. – SEO Link Building: Best for freelancers and agencies
  5. – Complete SEO course: Best all-rounder

1. Udemy: The Complete Link Building Course – Backlink building  2022 



 $199 normal price / $13.99 on sale


2 hours of video + 6 articles

About the Course creator: 

Joshua George is based in London and runs a successful SEO agency called Clickslice. The course material is based on his agency’s tried and tested link-building strategies.


No prior link-building experience is needed.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to find out what existing backlinks your competitors have
  • How to build backlinks that will help you get first-page search appearances
  • Over 10 backlink-building tactics used by his SEO agency
  • How to systematically track your progress

Who is this course for?

  • Those new to the world of link building
  • SEO freelancers looking to get a grasp on link-building strategies
  • Small business owners who want to increase visibility in search results and drive traffic to their sites

Who is this course not for?

  • Those who already have a foundation in link-building 
  • Those looking for in-depth information on each strategy

Course Rating:

The course has a rating of 4.7/5 on Udemy. 

Here are some comments from the review section that can help you decide if this course is the right fit:

“This was a fantastic course. I highly recommend it! I’ve gone through a couple of other online SEO courses and Joshua George’s are the best.”

“ …the course contains good information for building a backlink strategy. Although, if you already know about backlinking, you may want to search for an advanced course.”

“Another great course! Ready to start my link-building campaigns soon and with confidence.”

2. Ahrefs Complete Advanced Link Building Course 



Available free of charge on Youtube


Just under 2 hours of video content

About the Course creator: 

The course is presented by Sam Oh of Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO SaaS tools on the market, and their Youtube vlog is a  respected source of information in the industry. 


None, although a basic understanding of what link building is and various LB strategies will be beneficial.

What you’ll learn:

Module 1: Fundamentals of advanced link building

  • The role of content in link building
  • Competitor analysis

Module 2: Link prospecting

  • Seed and lookalike prospecting model
  • Prospect segmentation

Module 3: Vetting prospects

  • Who to contact with your pitches
  • The Blitzlist technique

Module 4: Outreach

  • 3 link outreach approaches
  • Writing outreach templates

Module 5: Team building, systems, and workflows

  • Structure and hiring of team
  • A link-building team’s workflow in action

Who is this course for?

  • Although it’s called an advanced course, even beginners with little knowledge of link building should be able to keep up.

But before you get started, we recommend reading The Beginners Guide to Link Building or watching Link Building for Beginners: Complete Guide to Get Backlinks.

  • For those with a foundation in link-building, this course will help refine and improve your existing processes. It will not discuss each strategy in depth but rather “peel back the layers of the stages of link building.” 

Course Rating:

You can’t go wrong with Ahrefs –  rest assured you’re getting quality content. They’re not only experts but their passion for all things SEO is infectious.

Comments in the Youtube section include:

Thoughtful and organized content…I feel like I am getting advice from a privately hired consultant for my business.”

“Love the way you present a topic in a simplified way. There is always at least one point in a video that forces me to think, “oh I never thought like that.”

3. The Blueprint Training: SEO Sprints





8 -12 weeks

About the Course creator: 

Business partners Ryan Stewart and David Krevitt initially formed The Blueprint Academy to train their internal marketing team. The training was hugely successful and now they use it to help other agencies grow.


None, although it’s recommended you sign up for a short strategy session with one of their advisors. 

What you’ll learn:

While this is a comprehensive SEO course, we’ll focus on Module 3 – Link Acquisition.

The module includes:

  • Project planning for links 
  • The link audit
  • High-quality backlinks checklist
  • Link tracking
  • Prebuilt templates for use in your agency
  • Custom-built tools to automate SEO processes

Who is this course for?

  • This is the best link-building course that existing marketing agencies looking to streamline their processes and grow at scale will benefit the most from this course.
  • An SEO freelancer with an existing client base

Who is this course not for?

  • Complete beginners who have little SEO knowledge 
  • A small business owner learning how to do link building

Course Rating:

All the reviews of The Blueprint Training are overwhelmingly positive. Although priced higher than other courses, with Ryan, you can rest assured you’re getting an in-depth, actionable course. 

Testimonials on their site include:

“Hey guys, I just wanted to share a win! I closed my first client on the sprint model and…with my highest price to date!”

“…signed up for the Blueprint a few days ago and just closed an 80k-a-year SEM contract using some of your SOP documents. Looking forward to finishing the rest of the course.”

4. – SEO Link Building


$289/month is a subscription-based platform, so when you sign up, you’ll have access to its full range of courses. 


4 hours

About the Course creator: 

Irina Nica is a Products Marketing manager at Hubspot, another well-respected marketing platform. She has over 10 years of experience in content marketing and SEO.



What you’ll learn:

1 – Introduction to link-building

2 – How to set up a successful link-building campaign: Goals

3 – How to set up a successful link-building campaign: Content creation

4 – How to set up a successful link-building campaign: Prospecting

5 – How to set up a successful link-building campaign: Outreach

6 – How to set up a successful link-building campaign: Tracking and measuring

7 – Unlinked brand mentions

8 – How to consistently build contextual links

9 – How to become a content contributor: Quotes and interviews

10 – How to become a content contributor: Guest posting

11 – How to earn quality backlinks by upcycling content

12 – How to build free tools to earn quality backlinks

13 – How to build high-quality backlinks using directories

14 – How to build links with listicles 

Who is this course for?

  • Although the site states the course is aimed at marketers looking to improve their campaign efforts, we believe anyone looking to expand their LB knowledge will benefit from the course.

Who is this course not for?

  • Complete beginners who have little SEO knowledge 

Course Rating:

Although we couldn’t find reviews of this particular course, here is what some customers said about the learning platform:

What’s unique about CXL is they take content production seriously. I haven’t seen any other platforms that have the same level of quality from the video production, the instructor selection, and the depth of content/topics.”

“The lineup of instructors set CXL apart from others – definitely learned a lot of NEW things from actual experts who have their own methodologies and tools.”

5. – Complete SEO course


The SEO course bundle costs $240 but can usually be bought for $89. (60% off)

The bundle includes Complete SEO, Keyword research, e-commerce SEO, and Google Analytics courses.


60 days or less

About the Course creator: 

Alex holds a Computer Science degree and a Masters in e-commerce. He has over 18 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing.


No prior link-building experience is needed.

What you’ll learn:

Although the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course includes 13 Modules, we’ll focus on Lesson 5.

Topics covered:

  • How to approach link building
  • Link building secrets
  • How to get strong links from premium websites
  • How to create linkable content

Who is this course for?

  • Small business owners looking to get a well-rounded knowledge of digital marketing
  • Those looking to get into Digital Marketing

Who is this course not for?

  • Marketing agencies and those working in the SEO industry for years

Course Rating:

Here are some of the testimonials from their site:

“Even though I have never had any connection with Digital Marketing (I am a web developer), the course is perfectly clear and easy to follow.” 

“Great content and clear explanations. High-quality content that taught me almost everything about SEO!”

“I was honestly amazed at the value that I got from this Course bundle. Read all lessons and watched all videos. I am still using it to refine my process to get top rankings for my shop. It taught me so many things, especially when it comes to link building. “

To sum up

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Building backlinks can be complex if you try to go it alone. So why not learn from the very best in the field?

Today we have access to industry pros without leaving the comfort of our home or office. We’d be crazy not to take advantage of that.

So choose the best SEO link-building course for you from our list, roll your sleeves up and get to work!

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