E-commerce Case Study: From Zero to Hero

We would like to share another case study on one of our clients in the e-commerce field.

Their niche market is not only competitive but also targets a highly specific audience. Despite that, we’ve already achieved remarkable results for them, and we hope to see more growth in the near future.

You might be curious about our approach. It’s actually quite simple: we doubled down on the fundamentals of SEO: we have been creating awesome content and building high-quality links.


About the Client

The client operates in the e-commerce field, and the products are inspired by the beloved Harry Potter series. While the products themselves are awesome, the client’s target audience is as distinctive as the wizarding world they inhabit.

The client established the store very recently; therefore, we started literally with no traffic. We can already confidently say that our SEO efforts are paying off because, within six months, we managed to grow the traffic to 2,600+ monthly visitors.

The Challenges

Before launching the project, we noticed that there were two main challenges:

  1. The big boys, such as Amazon and Etsy, took most of the search engine results. Other competitors were also way ahead of us regarding link-building, making it difficult to catch up.
  2. Competing against rivals with well-established topical authorities made it hard for us to rank with blog articles.

Our Plan of Attack

So, how did we tackle these challenges head-on? Let us walk you through our game plan.

  1. Keyword research

Our goal was to find suitable keywords for blog articles that

a) would match the user search intent; 

b) would help us achieve topical authority;

c) where it would be possible for us to rank (moderate search volume and lower competition).

  1. Link-building

This one was easy. We just doubled down on building high-quality links for the most important pages only, aka the main page and product page.

  1. Optimization of the most important pages

Based on our keyword research, we optimized the most important pages. While link building plays a huge role in rankings, it is also immensely important that on-page SEO is done according to the best practices.

Moreover, we decided that having more product pages would be more profitable for the client, so we are also working on that.

The Results So Far

Considering that we started literally from 0 and seeing SEO results takes some time, we are very pleased with the results so far. As you can see from the image above, the number of visitors is increasing rapidly. We are expecting even bigger growth once the new product pages go live.

While changes in traffic are common factors in measuring SEO success, it is important that website visitors also take the next steps. With this specific case, we have also seen great improvements in the conversions from organic search. Meaning that our SEO efforts are directly helping the client to sell the products.

We are also happy with the ranking improvements. The picture below shows the keyword ranking changes within the last six months. The client asked us to work on these because they are the highest converting keywords. As you can see from the photo, many of them are already in the top three.

Future Plans

We plan to continue on the same path and, if needed, adjust accordingly. Once we get more of those product pages live, we will build links on them. Meanwhile, we are creating quality content to attract even more organic traffic.

If you need help dominating the search results and attracting more organic traffic, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We offer a free strategy session to analyze your site and let you know what we can do for you!