Discover the Top Marketplaces for Guest Posting Opportunities

Are you tired of creating content for your website and not seeing results? 

Well, it’s time to level up your SEO game with guest posting! Guest posting allows you to showcase your writing skills, knowledge, and expertise on other websites while also driving traffic back to your own site. 

But, with so many websites out there, how do you know which ones are worth your time and effort? 

Enter guest posting marketplaces, where you can find high-quality sites actively seeking guest post submissions.

So, what exactly are guest posts? 

Guest posting is publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. In return, you receive a backlink to your own website, which can help boost your search engine rankings and increase your website traffic.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved, as the website owner receives free, high-quality content for their site, and you receive valuable exposure and traffic to your own site.

But why is guest posting important for SEO?

Well, search engines like Google consider the number and quality of backlinks to a website when determining its ranking in search results. 

By guest posting on high-quality websites in your niche, you can build high-quality backlinks, which signal to search engines that your website is a credible and authoritative source of information.

The best guest post marketplaces

These marketplaces connect website owners looking for guest post submissions with writers looking to submit content. 

They take the hassle out of the guest posting process by providing a platform where you can easily find and connect with relevant websites actively seeking guest post submissions.

So, are you ready to take your SEO game to the next level? Let’s dive into the best guest post marketplaces and find the perfect platform for you.

1. Authority Builders

Authority Builders is a guest post marketplace that provides access to a wide range of high-quality websites for guest post submissions. It offers a simple and effective solution for businesses and individuals who want to improve their SEO through guest posting.

The Benefits of Using Authority Builders

High-quality sites:

One of the main benefits of using Authority Builders is the quality of websites available on the platform. 

All websites in their database are manually vetted and meet strict quality guidelines, ensuring that your guest post submissions will be published on authoritative and trustworthy websites. 

So you can be confident in the quality of the backlinks and that they will significantly impact your search engine rankings.


Another benefit of using Authority Builders is the level of customization available. You choose the metrics that matter most to you, such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, and traffic, to find the perfect websites for your guest post submissions. 

You can also specify the niche, language, and location of the sites you want to target, allowing you to tailor your guest posting strategy to your specific needs.

Furthermore, they promise only do-follow links, which is great for SEO.

Using The Platform

The process of using Authority Builders to order quality guest posts is straightforward. 

First, you need to create an account on the platform. Once you have an account, you can search for websites that meet your criteria using the search filters. 

You can then select the guest post websites you want to target and place an order for guest post submissions. 

The team at Authority Builders will handle the entire process, depending on the level of control you want to maintain. They can reach out to the website owners, write the content, and publish the guest post. 

FAQs About Authority Builders 

Are These Links Safe?

According to Authority Builders, “Our links are about as safe as you can get. We create niche relevant articles and frame content so that from Google’s perspective, the webmaster wrote a relevant article and chose to link to your website since it’s a relevant resource.” 

Are Any Links Sponsored?*

“No blog post is ever sponsored and will not state it’s sponsored on the content anywhere! No author boxes.” (1)

* Term Explanation:

A sponsored link is an advertisement that appears in search engine results or on websites, marked as “sponsored” or “ad.” 

Companies can use sponsored links in guest posts by including links to their website within the guest post content, typically accompanied by a disclosure that the link is sponsored. For example, a company that sells skincare products could purchase a guest post on a beauty blog and include a sponsored link within the content that directs readers to their website. 

The company pays a fee to the blog owner or guest post service. In contrast, a guest post is free. However, if a link is sponsored, it will signal to Google that it isn’t a natural link and may not help you with SEO.

Our verdict

Authority Builders is one of the best guest post marketplaces out there.

With its manual vetting process, customizable search filters, and end-to-end guest posting service, you can be sure that your guest post submissions will be published on authoritative websites that will positively impact your search engine rankings.

2. NOBS Marketplace

NOBS Marketplace is another premium guest post marketplace that connects businesses and individuals with a vast network of high-quality websites for guest post submissions. 

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a large enterprise, NOBS Marketplace provides an easy and efficient solution to improve your website’s SEO through guest posting.

The benefits of Using NOBS

One of the most significant benefits of using NOBS Marketplace is the range of websites available on the platform. 

Their extensive network comprises a diverse selection of websites across various niches, ensuring you can find suitable websites to publish your guest posts. 

In fact, the NO-BS Marketplace collaborates with more than 10,000 verified publishers to offer a secure and scalable method of acquiring links.

Using The Platform

Using NOBS Marketplace to order guest posts is a simple and straightforward process. 

First, you need to create an account on the platform. This is a straightforward process that shouldn’t take too long. Registering on their platform is also free of charge.

Once you have an account, you need to tell them about your website and help the good people at NO-BS understand what you want to achieve with your site.

This will help them understand what sort of sites you’re targeting in your link-building campaign.

After submitting their project brief, a team member will manually analyze the request and suggest relevant publishers for the user to review. This personalized approach ensures that the suggested sites are a good match for your needs.

Users can then visit the suggested sites to evaluate them using 16 key metric data points. 

This evaluation process is completely transparent, allowing you to make an informed decision. If you find guest post opportunities you like, you can easily approve them and add them to their cart. 

The NO-BS Marketplace aims to make the selection process as hassle-free and straightforward as possible.

FAQs about NO-BS Marketplace

What does the price include?

According to NO-BS, their price includes “a bespoke article of 500-750 words with two stock images, a do-follow link with your choice of anchor and target URL, and a guaranteed live link.” The cost varies depending on the DA score and traffic.

Is it cheaper if I provide my own content?

“Yes! Simply click Supply Own Content on the customization page during the ordering process” (2)

Our verdict

NOBS Marketplace is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals seeking no-fuss guest posting services.

Looking at the NOBS website, there are a few things that stand out with their past clients. 

For instance, many clients love seeing the sites before link acquisition, which gives them confidence in the quality of the guest posts. 

Others appreciate the real-time dashboard that displays live links, which goes a long way to reassure new customers that their money is being spent well.

With its broad network of websites, customizable search filters, and end-to-end guest posting service, you can be confident that your guest post submissions will be published on trustworthy websites, resulting in significant improvements to your website’s SEO.

3. Adsy

Adsy Marketplace is an online platform that connects businesses and website owners with writers and publishers for the purpose of acquiring guest posts. 

Businesses can use the platform to expand their online presence and improve their website’s search engine rankings through high-quality, relevant backlinks from authoritative websites.

The Benefits of Using Adsy

One of the main benefits of using Adsy Marketplace for guest posting is the platform’s large pool of publishers. 

Adsy has over 12,000 publishers in its database, which have been manually verified for quality and credibility. This means clients can easily find publishers matching their niche, budget, and other preferences.

Another advantage of using Adsy is its easy-to-use interface. 

Clients can create a project brief with requirements, such as the desired niche, anchor text, and target URL. The Adsy team will then analyze the brief and suggest relevant publishers for the client to review. 

Clients can also browse the database of publishers and manually select publishers they believe would be a good fit for their project.

Using The Platform

Start by creating a project brief and specifying their requirements. 

Then select publishers from Adsy’s database or wait for Adsy’s team to suggest suitable publishers. Once you approve a publisher, the Adsy team will handle the outreach and content creation process. 

You can then review and approve the content before it’s published on the selected publisher’s website.

The Adsy Marketplace team will handle the entire process of reaching out to website owners, creating content, and publishing your guest posts.

This comprehensive service saves you time and ensures that your guest posts are published on high-quality websites that will improve your website’s SEO.

FAQs about Adsy

What guarantees do you provide?

According to Adsy, they “guarantee that the content is placed on a publisher’s website with no alterations, and the URL you provided is present in the content.”

How are prices set?

According to Adsy, “all prices are set by publishers. Publishers themselves decide what types of service they are going to provide and set prices for them, and Adsy cannot influence them.” (3)

Our verdict

Adsy Marketplace provides an all-encompassing guest post marketplace for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) through guest posting. 

But don’t just take it from us; here’s what others have had to say:

“I have been an affiliate with this agency for more than four years. Adsy continually improves the author experience, offering us high-quality tools and functions. Adsy is a unique platform for me. 

It connects me with high-quality content writers with unique SEO-friendly content for my website and blog, A easy-to-use interface, and competitive pricing. Adsy has helped me in my internet advertising and marketing greater than I can thank them.”  (4)

4. Links Management

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Links Management has established a vast network of publishers spanning various niches, ensuring that clients can easily find publishers that match their requirements.

Benefits of using Links Management

The website boasts an extensive network of quality publishers, so you’ll be sure to find relevant and high-authority sites to place your guest posts. 

One of the main benefits of Links Management is the ability to customize your search for publishers. You can use domain authority, niche, traffic, and more filters to ensure you’re targeting the best sites for your guest post. 

Additionally, the platform provides a detailed report of each guest post’s placement, including metrics such as domain authority, page authority, and more. 

This level of transparency and data allows you to see the direct impact of your guest posts on your website’s SEO and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Using the platform

Links Management also offers a straightforward and transparent ordering process.

Once you’ve selected your desired publisher and placement criteria, you can track the progress of your guest posting order in real-time, giving you complete control over the process.

FAQs About Links Management

You claim that your links are 10 times more effective than others. Why?

According to Links Management, they can “boost website rankings on Google 10 times more effectively than usual links because: 100% of our links are surrounded with your content. 100% of our links are placed manually, which makes them look natural to Google.”

Does LinksManagement automatically monitor my links every 24 hours? 


The presence of each active backlink on each webpage is automatically checked by LinksManagement every 24 hours. If any link is not found on the backlink page, the publisher will be immediately notified with a request to recover your backlink. 

If the link is not recovered within 12 days, it will be automatically canceled, and payment for this link will be partially refunded to your LinksManagement account. In this case, you get a refund for the number of days the link was supposed to stay. 

For instance, if the link wasn’t recovered on the 17th day, then you’ll get a refund for 13 days (30 days – 17 days = 13 days). (4)

Our verdict

LinksManagement is a top-notch platform for ordering guest posts. 

With a vast network of high-quality publishers, customizable filters, and a transparent ordering process, you’ll have no trouble finding relevant and high-authority sites that align with your SEO goals. 

Plus, detailed reports give you complete visibility over the impact of your guest posts on your website’s SEO.

Ready to enter the Guest Post Marketplace?

To summarize, guest posting marketplaces like Adsy, NO-BS Marketplace, Authority Builders, and LinksManagement are game-changers for website owners looking to improve their SEO. 

With their extensive networks of verified publishers and streamlined processes for ordering quality guest posts, these marketplaces make it easy for anyone to acquire high-impact backlinks and boost their website’s search engine rankings. 

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Our guest post services offer high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, which can significantly improve your website’s search engine rankings. 

With our guest post service, you can save time and resources by leaving the outreach, writing, and placement to our team of experts. 

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